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100 years ago we had no oil and horses--100 years from now we will have no oil or horses

 In the beginning God created Eden and in it horses ran free, their only boundaries were the oceans. They were social and grazed the land cultivating it for those that God created last. Man came with their weapons and almost ate the great herds to extinction. A few fled across the land bridge that brought the predators. Again the horses encountered man, but this time formed a partnership in exchange for their service. They came back to Eden in the bellies of ships and conquered those foolish enough to betray them. For 500 years they served in the new country, moving cattle, people, goods until it became so developed that there is little room left.  Again they are killed for food, driven from the land to make room for the cattle until only a few remain. Soon this great new Eden will be out of energy to power its vehicles, plow its fields, move its people and goods. Freedom will be no more. When we look into the eye of the witness of our demise can we see he knows?  (SCROLL DOWN)

Bill our once "WILD MUSTANG"