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Funding is the fuel that saves horses. The more funding the more horses can be saved.

Your generosity is tax deducible. 

You can also donate your car, boat, truck, RV, Jet Ski to Horsesavers and receive a tax deduction. 

Please call 845-677-4433 and we will guide you through the process and benifits.

If you live within 75 miles of Dutchess County we will personally pick up your vehicle and

explain everything. If you are outside our area please use the link below and our service will

be glad to make the arangements. In any case you will get the maximum deduction.                   


 Please be sure to select Horsesavers from the dropdown list.

 Clicking on the link below will re-direct you to our paypal donation page  


 REAL ESTATE: There are many advantages of donating real estate.  

1.Full Market Value 

2. Eleliminate Capatil Gains Tax 

3. Profit                                      

THANK YOU  HORSESAVERS