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About us

 We rescue as many down on their luck horses as our budget allows and for those who we can't take we will gladly list them on our site so others may intervene directly, just post all info to our guestbook.   We are not an adoption agency.  Once a horse is accepted by us, it is not adopted or sold.  Our rescued horses live out their lives under our care.  We will occasionally lease a horse, but we never relinquish ownership.  If a horse is leased, we reserve the rights to inspect the horse's condition and recover him or her at any time if our expections aren't met. We have been working with various groups to help save our "Wild Mustangs."  We also believe in protecting our environment and horses are one with the environment. Their grazing and droppings re-seed, they bring insects, birds, and other critters and before long a natural cycle of life begins. Their need for open spaces, and social behavior enhances all our lives.